Graphic Designer. Photographer.

Creative Problem solver. Visionary.


Welcome to my portfolio website!

My name is Tarine and I was born and raised in Washington, DC. I graduated from George Mason University in 2017 with a BFA in Art and Visual Technology with a concentration in Graphic Design. I have over 2 years of professional design experience mainly in the non-profit/NGO field. I am also a part-time freelance designer to several independent entrepreneurs and small businesses. In all of my work, I challenge myself to elevate concepts in order to create a final product that is eye-catching and conveys the intentional message. A lot of my work tends to focus on typography and color. While although my focus is on print and branding design, I have a working knowledge in motion graphics and an interest in Web design as well.

Along with my love for design, I also have a passion for photography! I started doing photography as a hobby over 10 years ago and have been building a professional portfolio for the past 3+ years. I see photography as limitless means to my creative expression. I am experienced in film and digital photography and love to capture portraits to show an individual's true essence. I would mainly describe my photography style as "urban editorial". 

I find myself always pushing the limits to my creative knowledge in both graphic design and photography. I am eager to learn new techniques and constantly developing my personal style. I am hard working, passionate, and overall dedicated to my craft and my professional development. 

When I am not designing or taking photos, I love travel, see my favorite artists at music shows/festivals, check out art exhibitions, read books, paint, workout, eat good food, and indulge in holistic self-care practices. 





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